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Model Specification

  • Indoor table tennis table incl. stationary net set with height adjustment
  • SMS Security System (Smart Manual System)
  • for players with ambition
  • not weatherproof, only suitable for dry rooms within a building, not resistant to heat, cold, direct sunlight and humidity (rel. Humidity above 60%)
  • European standard: EN standard 14468-1
  • Hall table, not weatherproof
  • only suitable for dry rooms within a building

Mesh set

  • stationary, compact mesh set
  • Net holding profile with mounting plate, net posts outside and inside for height adjustment with height adjustment screw, powder-coated
  • Net: black, with loop (Ø 8 mm)
  • Tension cord with hook for the tension of the top edge of the net
  • Mesh dimensions: L= approx. 180 cm x H=15.2 cm
  • Game Surface/Frame Profile

    • Fine chipboard 19 mm
    • multi-coated
    • Frame profile L-50 mm, powder-coated


    • Compact (Type 4b)
    • Square profile tube 30x30 mm, powder-coated
    • 4 double wheels (diameter 128 mm) with rubber tread, all wheels swivel
    • Side-mounted ball and racket holders
    • Compensation of unevenness and different stand heights up to 30 mm by height adjusters on rear legs
    • Playback position possible (for individual training)
    • Interlock

      • SMS (Smart Manual System)
      • Handle in any position of the table and visible from all sides
      • Pull rod under play surface unlocks both fuses at the same time
      • Automatic snap-in mechanism in parking and playing position


      • Game Interface Quality: Leisure
      • Frame profile color: black
      • Base colour: white aluminium
      • Spreading struts: black
      • Support bracket: black
      • Accessories (rackets and balls) not included


      • Playing position: L=274 cm x W=152.5 cm x H=76 cm (corresponds to international tournament dimensions)
      • Storage position: L=152.5 cm (with net 184 cm) x W=72 cm x H=155 cm


      • Net weight: 77 kg
      • Gross weight: 82.5 kg (including packaging)

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