Andro Wanokiwami Midori Def

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Handle: Straight
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Wanokiwami – this is a unique project in which the andro wood developers worked hand in hand with Takeshi Wanaka, a carpenter from Japan with a focus on the processing of fine wood. Wanaka, a great in his field and crowned with many international awards, brings all his know-how in the selection, processing and bonding of high-quality woods. The andro development team has deliberately given Takeshi Wanaka a free hand in many respects in order to allow influences from other areas of use of fine woods. The andro development team has impressively mastered the task of steering these influences and ideas in the right direction and creating high-quality racket sleds from them. Contracted players, coaches and test players have unanimously confirmed this in numerous tests.

The Wanokiwami Midori is the masterpiece of the defensive woods from the house andro. Excellently crafted and equipped with all the comforts a defender needs, the andro Wanokiwami Midori is exactly the wood that a modern defender wants. At all times, the focus was on the balance between attack and defense. How can you make it possible for the player to use the best control at a moderate pace without having to suffer too much loss of penetration in attacks? andro Wanokiwami Midori masters this balancing act with a rather thick core veneer, which is encased in an extremely thin intermediate and cover veneer. The core veneer provides the power, the outer veneers, which are also very soft and therefore controlled, for the necessary feeling.

Material:100% wood
Weight, approx.:86g

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