Andro ***ZeroT white (3)

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With the ZeroT***, andro meets the high demands of the top players on table tennis balls: only if the ball leaves the table and racket consistently and predictably, you can call up top performances in competition. In order to achieve these properties, nothing is left to chance with the ZeroT***. Produced with ABS material, only the hardest specimens find their way into the ball packaging. Before that, each ball undergoes a final quality control, in which exact roundness, hardness and bounce behavior are also checked in detail. Only a strictly limited number of balls finally makes it through these demanding quality checks.

The andro ZeroT*** is an ABS ball of the latest generation. The enormous hardness of the material guarantees a constant flight curve, while the optimized production process, in which special attention is paid to the seams, gives the balls a perfect roundness. After the ZeroT*** has passed strict quality checks, it offers pure gaming pleasure. Consistency, predictability, durability and an excellent balance between tempo and spin development are the hallmarks of this ball.
Colour: white