der-m Anti-Speed

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.5
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With ANTI-SPEED der-materialspezialist unites the effectivity of a classic anti-top rubber with the energy of a new power sponge.

The new sponge creates a dangerous ANTI-TOP rubber perfect for offensive defensive play and aggresive counter hit game.
Through the low amount of grip on the surface ANTI-SPEED neutralises even the strongest incoming spin due to the perfect combination of the sponge and rubber producing stellar control properties.

Beyond that ANTI-SPEED allows for dangerous and effective offensive play and confuses the opponent with unexpected no spin and spin balls.

ANTI-SPEED: The aggressive spin killer!

Speed: 90
Control: 92
Disruptive effect: 95
Characteristics: Allround / Offensive
Hardness: Medium

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