Friendship 105 Legend

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.7
Sale price$25.00 USD


The special feature of the Friendship 105 Legend is the pimple surface. The pimples are not ribbed or sticky like the SpinLord Dornenglanz, but these pimples are more grippy than most short pimples. If you look closely at the pimples heads, you will see that they are not smooth but very raw. This skid resistance is achieved in combination with a new rubber mix. The result is a clearly noticeable increased effect value. Furthermore, the 105 Legend plays like other short pimples and despite the high tempo is very easy to control. The underlay (not "factory-tuned") is soft with a hardness of approx. 36º and has a good built-in adhesive effect. The quality and durability of these short pimples is very good.

Speed: 113
Spin: 88
Control: 90
Hardness: approx. 36º

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