Friendship 729 Battle

Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.1
Sale price$22.00 USD
Re-stocking soon


The 729 Battle is a real challenge for the competition. With this rubber it acts to a non-sticky rubber and without compromising the German and Japanese rubbers certainly comparable. Compared to the 729 Aurora, the 729 Battle is even faster and also more effective. Striking on the top layer are the long inward facing studs. The hardness of the bottom layer is approx. 42º.
There was no such fast, elastic and effective non-stick rubber from China (not "factory-tuned"). This rubber is best suited for a European way of playing.

Only available in 2.1 mm thickness.

Speed: 112
Spin: 105
Control: 92
Hardness: approx. 42º

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