Friendship 729 Sky Wing

Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.5
Sale price$15.00 USD
Re-stocking soon


This rubber is actually not as new as some customers might think, it has only been offered very rarely in Europe up to now. This is probably due to its similarity to rubbers such as the KTL Pro XP and the CTT rubbers. The sponge seems to be the same as on the CTT National Strike, but the base is a little faster, something like the KTL Pro XP. Compared to the KTL Pro XP, the Sky Wing is a bit stickier. This rubber is ideally suited for a controlled European topspin game. The spin values ​​are at the upper limit. The Sky Wing is also a very light surface. Overall, this rubber is certainly not a revolution and not even an evolution. But it is a very interesting variant of the rubbers we have offered so far, which are among our best in the inexpensive range. We also found the processing quality to be a bit better overall than with the KTL Pro XP, so that the higher price is justified.

Pace: 96
Effect: 98
Control: 94
Hardness: 42º

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