Gewo Nexxus EL Pro 45 Super Select

Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 2.2
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GEWO Nexxus SuperSelect EL Pro 45
Precision to its fullest with every stroke – the ultimate spin machine.
The medium variant of the Nexxus SuperSelect series not only offers high speed, catapult and excellent spin ratings but it is also great fun to play. Thanks to the combination of our SSTT and OTT technologies, the elastic sponge allows to ball to sink into the rubber thus increasing the dwell time of the ball and providing for excellent control at still high-speed ratings. A perfect symbiosis of performance, spin and control will give you the confidence you need to put your opponent under pressure with your variable top spin play.

Player type / features:
* Ideal for variable attacking styles relying on topspin variants from any position.
* Maximum catapult, spin and ultimate speed for a rubber of the medium sponge segment.
* Spin-oriented all-round/off players making high demands on performance, sound and fun.

Speed: 128
Spin: 124
Control: 95
Hardness: Medium

Colours: black and green

Dear table tennis friends,
The 2021 World Table Tennis Championships will take place in Houston from November 23rd to 29th. The entire world elite will come together in Houston and fight for medals. Our top player Quadri Aruna, currently number 17 in the world, is of course also at the start.
Quadri will play the new high-end rubber GEWO Nexxus Superselect EL 53 Pro during the World Cup and we are very excited to see what Quadri will achieve with the green rubber. Of course we keep our fingers crossed for him that GEWO's new wonder weapon perfectly supports his explosive offensive style and that Quadri achieves a top placement.
The Nexxus Superselect can now be pre-ordered in our shop and will be available from January 24th. 2022

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