Giantdragon Blast

Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.7
Sale price$15.00 USD
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The Giant Dragon Blast is one of the newer short bumps.

This flooring is offered in 2 versions: as a "normal" version with a soft sponge and as a "National Team version" with a hard and additionally "factory-tuned" sponge.

The latter version is much more expensive, although we can't find it any better than the other version. Also, both versions are the same fast. Both versions are designed offensively, but the pace of a SpinLord Waran, for example, is far from being reached.

The Giant Dragon Blast with softer sponge is offered here. The National Team version is set as a separate article.

The bumps of the Blast are straight, short and very wide and vertically aligned. Also, the bumps are very soft and very elastic. This makes the blast very spin-loving and also more dangerous than used to be short bumps. However, the Blast is also a bit more difficult to control and it is also much harder than with the current new releases of other brands to play blows with similar punching techniques as with pimples-inside pads. Rather, the playing behavior is to be compared with those of medium-long bumps. The Blast also looks like a new version of the 612 with shorter bumps and a new sponge. The hardness of the sponge of the softer version is about 40 degrees (according to Japanese scale, no manufacturer's specification) the hardness of the sponge of the "National Team Version" is very hard 48 degrees. Thus, the hard version is much better suited for a counter and block game than for other game strategies, the softer version allows a kind of topspin.

The Giant Dragon Blast is best suited for players who want the tempo of a short bump in combination with the disruptive effect of a medium-length bump and who are strong enough to give up some control.

Speed: 92
Spin: 85
Control: 82
Hardness: 40 °

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