Giantdragon Snowflake

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 0.9
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The Giant Dragon Snowflakes is based on the Dragon Talon. Even according to Giant Dragon, the rubber compound of the Snowflake is identical to that of the Dragon Talon, only the shape of the bumps has been changed. The bumps of the snowflake are much thinner and the distance between the individual bumps is smaller. This makes this bump even more elastic and even more dangerous overall. The tempo is hardly different from that of the Dragon Talon, the control is a bit more difficult.

The Snowflakes is ideal for a variable defensive game with a mixture of undercut defense, block balls and own attacks. Compared to the Dragon Talon, the Snowflakes is better in the undercut defense, but slightly weaker with block balls and offensive strokes.

The Snowflakes is available with the same sponges as the Dragon Talon:

In ox (without sponge), in 0.5 mm with a medium hard Chinese standard sponge and in 0.9 mm with a damping sponge (please also note the article description of the Dragon Talon).

Note: Delivery either in blue packaging with the inscription "Snowflakes Special" or in black packaging with the inscription "Snowflakes".

Pimpled surface: fluted

Speed: 63/66
Control: 83/80
Disturbing effect: 98
Hardness: 42º-44º

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