Lion Claw OX

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: OX
Sale price$9.00 USD


The Lion Claw is a very popular long bump for those who are looking for a bump with maximum interference and low speed after banning the smooth long bumps. The bumps are soft and very elastic, the bump distance extremely large, even larger than the Friendship 755-2 Mystery. In order to meet the new ITTF standards, the fluted bump heads are extremely grippy. This results in a very slow long bump with a very large disruptive effect. The (small) catch: The Lion Claw is not easy to control. The Lion Claw is playfully suitable for both undercut defence and interference at the table, but must always be played with strong use of the wrist. Therefore, there are more suitable pads for block play at the table.

The Lion Claw is available in 3 versions:

1. In ox for the lowest possible speed.

2. With 0.5 mm soft sponge for extreme interference at slightly more speed than the ox version.

3. With 1.0 mm very hard sponge for significantly more speed to the offensive interference game at the table. The interference effect in this version is slightly less than in ox or 0.5 mm.

The values apply as with all long bumps for the ox version.

Speed: 56
Spin: 56
Control: 75