Palio CK531A OX

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: OX
Sale price$11.00 USD


New version of the CK 531A, not to be confused with the so-called "new blue edition". This version is not covered ! With a new, softer, and more elastic rubber compound, the new version of the CK 531A is slightly slower and more dangerous than the old version, with less control. The shape of the bumps of the Palio new CK 531A is identical to that of the Palio CK 531A. Also visually, both versions are hardly distinguishable. The Palio new CK 531A is also more grippy than the old version and can generate more rotation, but is itself a little more susceptible to incoming rotation. As a result, the Palio new CK 531A is more suitable for players who also play with the use of the wrist. The Palio new CK 531A is also stronger in the undercut defense. In addition, the new version offers improved durability, which increases the suitability for an offensive style of play.

Speed: 62
Spin: 78
Control: 75