SpinLord shirt Premium 2022 black/yellow

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Color: Black/Yellow
Clothing Size: XXS
Sale price$19.00 USD


This jersey is identical to the "Premium 2012" jersey, but the following detail has been changed: The logo is no longer embroidered on the chest and on both sleeves, but printed (using a screen printing process). In addition, the logo on the chest is significantly larger. The jersey now looks even more modern and, in our opinion, even a little bit better. In addition, the logo is reproduced more clearly in the printing process than in the embroidery process.

In terms of colors, material (100% polyester in interlock quality") and cut (the jerseys are normal) nothing has changed in this jersey compared to the "Premium 2012" model. This jersey is also very breathable and even at high temperatures comfortable to wear

Almost all shorts go with this jersey, but especially the model "Premium" in yellow / black.
Colour: black/yellow

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