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Foot care, stops odor and perspiration.

Dry and odorless feet within 5-8 days.

Sweaty feet.
Sweaty feet are usually a source of annoyance. Perspiration is an excretory fluid that is secreted by about 100,000 glands in each foot. Due to the many advancements, the feet produce a lot (about 100 ml) of excretory fluid, which for the most part consists of water, in which various salts and fatty acids occur. The best known of these are butyric acid and valeric acid. It is these acids that give the so-so scent the characteristic odor. Depending on the number of sweat glands and the number of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and yeasts) present on the skin, in socks and in shoes, a pungent odor of sweat may develop. Because the feet in the shoes cannot ventilate as easily, the moisture is prevented from evaporating quickly. As a result, the fatty acids that occur in the sweat can decompose. The leather of the shoes is affected by these acids, which partly cancels out the tanning process used in the manufacture of leather, causing the leather to rot. The bacteria present in the shoe create the very pungent odor. So it's not just the feet that are responsible for that bad smell. The shoes are also not free.

Dry and odorless feet within 5-8 days.
Also suitable for people with swimmer eczema / athlete's foot. Extracts the fragrance from the shoes.
Voetcare flakes pulverize and spread in the shoes and socks.

1. evening: sprinkle 1 teaspoon of Voetcare in each shoe;
2. wash your feet with cold water in the evening;
3. in the morning: step into your shoes without removing Voetcare.

Repeat the above for 5 to 8 days and you are completely free from sweaty feet.

* not for internal use
* keep out of reach of children
* Voetcare has a disinfectant effect

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