Xiom Hugo Calderano HAL

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Handle: Flared
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After the Hugo SAL, which came on the market as a limited edition in 2019, the Korean manufacturer XIOM, together with the Brazilian
World champion Hugo Calderano has developed a new frame.

Like Calderano's previous frames, the Hugo HAL requires no carbon fiber at all! Instead, the developers of XIOM are using a new orange-colored arylate fiber, the "Hyper Axylium"!

With balls played quite slowly, for example in the serve-return area or passive play, this conveys tremendous precision and control, yet develops tremendous dynamism and penetrating power on the offensive. This makes the Hugo HAL the perfect frame for the variable attacking player who appreciates a lot of feel and doesn't want to lose the necessary control, even with a fast frame.

Control: 93
Bending Strength: 98
Weight: 85 gr.

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