Andro Gauzy HL CO Off

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Handle: Straight
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Simon Gauzy, new andro brand ambassador, has established himself as an outstanding player in European top table tennis. The 24-year-old Vice European Champion 2016 in Men’s Singles was already ranked as number 8 in the ITTF World Ranking and stands out at the table with his feel for the ball, diligence and creativity. Simon works with an eye for detail and allows no compromises when it comes to his material. The GAUZY Blade Line was developed together with France’s number 1 and bears his signature from the handle shape to the veneer selection: modern yet traditional.

Five layers of wood and two layers of thin, high quality KVL Carbon.
KVL Carbon serves to stabilize and reduce vibrations. The typical accentuated feel of an offensive wood Made in Sweden is retained.
Dominant high-quality veneer composition.
Simon recommends the GAUZY HL CO to players who prefer feeling, creativity and spin to a brute offensive.

Speed: 89
Control: 99
Weight: 90 gr.