Andro Impuls Speed

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.8
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For mid and lower class players.

IMPULS SPEED The Impuls SPEED releases significantly more speed and spin than the successful Impuls rubber – without losing control! Being the softest of all andro TENSOR BIOS rubbers so far, it is made of a harmonised rubber recipe that provides players of average and lower class levels with more controlled power during active strokes.
The character of the Impuls SPEED combines two rubber types: the very soft sponge absorbs the opponent’s speed in the passive control play very well. In the active playing modus it enables to more energy. The strong sound and improved ball handling will impress every player immediately. Experience fewer mistakes due to the extra high flying curve and bigger ideal hitting area!
The Impuls SPEED can be managed without effort also when practising less. An excellent solution for all players refusing inconvenient and time-consuming speed gluing!

Speed: 89
Spin: 105
Control: 94
Hardness: Medium

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