Andro Synteliac ZCO

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Handle: Flared
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Time - or reaction time - to be exact, is the all-important factor to winning points. The clearer and clearer the feedback from the ball meeting point, the faster your reaction can be. And this is exactly where the advantages of the vibration-suppressing synthetic fibers of the new Synteliac series lie. You will immediately receive feedback as to whether you have hit the ball correctly. Ergo, you are ready for the next blow faster.
The synthetic fibers ZYREEMA and VOLTEMA are among the most modern of their kind. ZYREEMA gives the wood a hard, crystal-clear stop and high speed reserves. VOLTEMA, on the other hand, ensures a moderate wood hardness, unmistakable ball feel and a great balance between speed and control. In combination with carbon, they set new standards in the SYNTELIAC series.
The new andro SYNTELIAC technology intelligently combines the properties of synthetic fibers with the technical potential of state-of-the-art veneer processing. The special manufacturing process of the veneer-synthetic composite is carried out at lower temperatures than usual in order to fully preserve the properties of the wood veneers. The result: a new gaming experience away from previous carbon or synthetic woods. Optimize your reaction time through crystal clear reaction feedback and efficient vibration suppression and experience the sensory, almost intuitive ball feeling with maximum big sweet spot.

Synteliac ZCO
Zyreema, twice as tear-resistant as the standard synthetic fiber aramid, gives the Synteliac ZCO immense power and dynamics as well as a crystal clear sound.
Zyreema-Carbon expands the ideal hit window (timing) to give the ball the maximum speed and rotation on the way.
The impressively large sweet spot gives you extra ball security and feeling for the ball.
The Synteliac ZCO opens up new spheres in the areas of speed, spin and variability for your game. Your game will see an immense increase in quality.

Weight : 81-90g
Material:Synthetic fibre
Bending strength:102