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Handle: Straight
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With our TIMBER Line, we rely on the pure performance of natural wood and veneer structures.
In the layer structure we differentiate in 5 or 7 layers. With TIMBER 5 the ideal entry into the competition area is possible, with moderate speed but high control rates and thanks to maximum ball feeling.
TIMBER 7 blades are standing for more hardness and should be understood as the suitable alternative for variable topspin players who prefer to hit the ball with a pure wood racket.

•The TIMBER 5 without any frills! Five layers of wood for a straightforward offensive game.
•Kiri, Ayous, Limba (outside) are the three most widely used veneers in table tennis. All of them can be found in the TIMBER 5 OFF structure.
•The traditional structure and the high momentum support a highly varied topspin game. The excellent feeling on the ball creates confdence, in order to be able to stand up even in passive moments.
•A strong blade for characters who want to set the game for themselves. Whatever it takes!

Weight, approx .: 83g
Speed: 93
Control: 94

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