Bat Inizio Off-Cross Start 2,0 concave

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Fully assembled bat (rubbers glued to the frame), ideal bat for the advanced player. All basic techniques can be learned with this bat.
Frame: Andro Inizio Off ((handle concave)
Rubber: Forehand Friendship RITC Cross Start 2.0mm (Red)
Rubber: Backhand Friendship RITC Cross Start 2.0mm (Black)

The andro Inizio OFF impresses with its ideal price-performance ratio. The offensive version of this affordable model enables controlled offensive play. Recommended for players who already have a solid foundation in topspin's basic technique. Not too fast and yet with enough power to adapt to the modern and fast table tennis game.

Speed: 89
Control: 90
Flexural strength: 91

Friendship 729 Cross Start
This rubber is an all-round rubber, especially suitable for novice players. The rubber surface is the unaltered sticky rubber surface of RITC Friendship 729, but the underlay is softer and more elastic.

Speed: 82
Spin: 96
Control: 95
Hardness: Medium