Bomb Talent OX

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: OX
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The Bomb Talent is still relatively unknown in the European market, which is very surprising, since these long pimple belongs to one of the most dangerous and least desirable chinese long pimples. The Talent is similar to the popular Palio CK531 A in principle. It is suitable especially for the classical fault player, who act near the table with blocks trying to stop the rhythm of the opponent's. This long pimple is relatively fast and is therefore extremely suitable for counterattacks with pushing and lift balls. The service return is very easy so that already the setbacks can be placed very uncomfortable. Opposing Topspins can be played flat, short and with a certain backspin. In combination with slightly faster blades to come so very unpleasant balls at your opponent.

Conclusion: interesting long pimple rubber from China with a lot of potential for the European long pimple player.

Note: The OX version is without packaging.