Donic bat Persson Exclusive Off/Twingo Plus 2.0

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Handle: Straight
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Complete bat Persson Exclusive Off with the rubber Twingo Plus (below the specifications of the frame and rubber)

Frame: Persson Exclusive Off.
New! The Exclusive series Donic frames, specially developed for players who want to further develop their game.
The Donic Persson Exclusive Off is the fastest among the DONIC exclusive frames. It offers a lot of power to play effective, fast top spin strokes and smashes. Also a very good ball feeling with all top spin variants.

Speed: 86
Control: 87
Flexural strength: 89
Weight: approx. 85 grams

Rubber: Twingo Plus 2.0mm

The new DONIC Twingo Plus is a very good all-round rubber for the novice league player. Tempo, effect and control are attuned to a universal all-round game. The grippy surface in combination with a soft underlay guarantees an excellent ball feeling.

Speed: 70
Spin: 84
Control: 90
Hardness: Medium