Donic Blue Grip S2

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.8
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Two successful models combined in one rubber: The BlueGrip S2 is a fusion of the top seller DONIC ACUDA S2 with attributes of Chinese rubbers. The soft, soulful sponge of the ACUDA S2 was combined with a sticky surface that is characteristic of Chinese rubbers. The result is a hybrid which, thanks to its sticky surface, offers advantages in service and return play, and is also extremely easy to control thanks to the tried and tested sponge.

Character: Extremely easy to grip and very easy to control, enables precise attacks with sufficient dynamics.

Recommendation: Both for controlled attacking players, all-rounders and defenders who rely on rotation-rich and varied play.

Speed: 108
Spin: 120
Control: 94
Hardness: Medium