Donic Bluestorm Pro AM

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.0
Sale price$53.00 USD


A rubber made by professionals for professionals - and for everyone who places professional demands on their material. The newly developed pimple rubber mixture ensures a direct stop and excellent feedback at the meeting point. The sponge provides an extremely good catapult effect. But the most important recipe for success is the special recipe of the topsheet, which perfectly supports topspins even under difficult conditions. Result: The Bluestorm Pro AM is extremely dynamic and still grips optimally even with very thinly hit balls.

The control is extremely good in both active and passive play, which is also due to the strict selection process: A strict selection in terms of weight and sponge hardness minimizes series fluctuations and ensures consistent quality at a high level for every single rubber.

Character: Very dynamic, enables maximum dynamics and rotation with excellent control

Recommendation: For attacking players who appreciate the advantages of a Select rubber and want to increase their level of play as a result

Technology: Extremely catapult capable 47,5° sponge. Top sheet with excellent grip.

Speed: 119
Spin: 125
Control: 91
Hardness: 47,5°