Donic Burn Off-

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Handle: Straight
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For offensive players and power allround players, especially well-suited for use with softer rubbers.
Fast, lightweight, great feel and good control.
Technology: 5 veneers made of kiri (core veneer, 3.5 mm) and awan (2+4) and mahogany (1+5, outer veneer).


The thermic treatment of the veneers ensures excellent stability that is comparable to the properties of expensive tropical woods. The veneers used in the BURN series are subjected to a temperature of 200 degrees Celsius for 24 hours. During this process, the veneers harden and all moisture is removed from the wood. This results in unique playing characteristics and a large sweet spot.
The blades in the BURN series all have the same veneer structure, but the thickness of the centre ply – made of kiri – differs. This changes the hardness and speed significantly.