Donic Classic Allround

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Handle: Straight
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The playing characteristics of the three versions (Offensive, Power Allround and Allround) are similar to the classic Swedish blades, but they offer a lot more. The new CL A SSIC series are hybrid blades which, in addition to the typical wood veneers of the traditional type and the careful processing, also contain new types of synthetic fibres, as is the case with almost all modern blades. Both the nature of the synthetic fibers and their arrangement within the veneer structure influence the speed, control and feel of the game and also increase the sweet spot (optimal hit zone).

An all-round blade with nine layers, including two synthetic fibers: This is an absolute novelty. The Aratox fiber (adhesive layer) already used for the inner veneer cannot be compared with the synthetic fibers of earlier days. The use of classic veneers such as Limba, Awan and Koto in combination with modern synthetic fibers, in harmonious coordination with each other, guarantees the greatest possible control and a lot of feeling.

Speed: 86
Control: 97
Bending strength: 89
Weight: 87gr.

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