Donic Waldner Dotec Allround

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Handle: Right-handed
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Offensive allround players and controlled offensive players.
Lightweight, relatively hard and fast, with an incredible feel.
Technology: 7 plies made of DOTEC balsa (inner ply, 5 mm), limba (3+5), DOTEC fibre (2+6) and limba (1+7, outer ply)

The DONIC DOTEC System • A joy to grip
A special fibre and the unique handle set the blades in the DOTEC series apart from all others. The DOTEC fibre developed by DONIC ensures a soft feel when hit ting the ball. The handle is curved , manufactured from a single piece and surrounded by natural cork. There are separat e versions for right-handed players and left-handed players. In addition, all DOTEC blades are produced with the edges rounded off. The human body contains billions of nerve cells, which makes it a seismographically sensitive organism, and our hands are no exception. Blades that have been designed with perfect ergonomics and a seamless transition between the handle and the blade face provide the best conditions for allowing your hand to focus on what’s important: the feel of the ball and the perfect touch. The blades in the DOTEC series are e a pleasure to grip and do this perfectly.

Speed: 89
Control: 94
Flexural strength: 92
Weight: approx. 70 g

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