Dr.Neubauer A.B.S.2 Pro

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.0
Sale price$41.00 USD


Dr.Neubauer A-B-S 2 PRO -
Control and disruptive effect for a modern frictionless Anti-Spin game
This rubber was co-developed with SpinAssociated from Italy, it is a bit more versatile than our highly popular A-B-S 2 EVO.
While A-B-S 2 EVO is known predominantly for its hard surface and maximum spin reversal, A-B-S 2 PRO comes with a new type of sponge with a thickness of 2.0mm that is a bit less slow, thus enabling the player to produce a greater variety of strokes, with very good control.
A-B-S 2 PRO also produces very good spin reversal while blocking passively against high rotation loops.
As opposed to most other frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers on the market, A-B-S 2 PRO will also enable the player to produce an active blocking stroke. This results in a ball with good spin reversal that "jumps" a bit at your opponents, giving them less time to react.
The rubber can be used for slow and short blocking on one hand, and for a more active "push-blocking" on the other hand, in order to confuse the opponent.
All classic attacking shots with frictionless Anti-Spin rubbers such as aggressive pushing and lifting can be performed more easily than with most other rubbers of this type on the market.
This makes A-B-S 2 PRO a highly disruptive weapon that also allows its user to take the initiative.
Available with a new dampening sponge with a unique thickness of 2.0mm.
Delivered with glue sheet attached.

Speed: 52
Control: 94
Disruptive effect: 110