Dr.Neubauer A.B.S.3

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.0
Sale price$42.00 USD


.Maximum control and braking effect for the block game with Glatt-Anti.
This is the second rubber developed together with SpinAssociated from Italy. The result is the slowest and most controlled version of our proven and world-renowned A-B-S Glatt-Anti rubber series.
A-B-S 3 allows the ball to be returned very short behind the net on passive blocks, even on very fast topspin balls with little spin. The proven high level of spin reversal has been maintained.
The decisive element of this new development is the blue sponge: This offers a previously unimagined braking effect, which enables even technically less experienced players to "tame" fast topspins safely and effectively.
Experienced players will appreciate either putting the block ball very short behind the net or "pushing" it uncomfortably for the opponent to bring more variability into the game.
Control is excellent in all areas thanks to the new type of blue sponge, so there is almost no susceptibility to angles.

Available with a new type of damping sponge in the thickness 1.5/2.0mm

Speed: 46
Control: 100
Disruptive effect: 100