Dr.Neubauer Allround Premium

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.0
Sale price$30.00 USD


The extraordinary Allround-Weapon

This rubber is even better than its name suggests.

Probably the first disruptive rubber that enables aggressive blocking and even hitting and counter-looping against topspin shots. Take the initiative and put pressure on your opponent!

ALLROUND PREMIUM also excels at passive shots:
The ball bounces very low and even tends to “dive” on the other side of the table, all of this combined with an excellent control.

The disruptive effect even gets further enhanced after a few weeks of playing on account of the pimples becoming softer.

This rubber is also a great asset for classical defence since it enables the player to impart any amount of spin while offering a wonderful control. This way both heavy chopped balls and float balls can be performed interchangeably.

The rubber comes with an unusual geometry since the pimples are distributed vertically. In combination with new rubber components this produces an astounding effect, both for the active and for the passive game.

The best disruptive effect is being obtained with the red version while the black coloured rubber offers slightly better attacking possibilities.

All in all ALLROUND PREMIUM should take an absolute leading position and turn out to be a highly interesting alternative for all long pimple players.

Available with the following sponge thickness choice: OX (no sponge) 0.6, 1.0 and 1.3mm

Colours: Red Black
Speed: 55
Control: 85
Spin: 85