Dr.Neubauer Bloodhound All+

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Handle: Anatomic
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BLOODHOUND is one of the most effective frame types on the market for the use of studs and anti-spin rubbers. This new variant BLOODHOUND ALL+ is very similar in structure and yet creates maximum danger with material. Both the reversal effect when blocking with slippery anti rubbers and the flutter ball when playing with long pimples could be kept at the same high level.

The proven spruce and Ayous wood veneer as well as the 2 carbon layers are still present. By adding 2 veneers, the speed was noticeably increased without changing the character of the frame. In general, BLOODHOUND ALL+ offers the same properties in the passive area, but with more speed reserves for offensive play. All known offensive strokes with backside rubbers or offensive short pimples can be executed with higher dynamics. Despite its rather stiff structure, BLOODHOUND ALL+ is very balanced and controlled.

Speed: 84
Control: 92
Bending Strength: 86
Weight: approx.85g.