Dr.Neubauer Colossus

Handle: Straight
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With COLOSSUS, a new breakthrough in perfecting combi frames has been achieved.
COLOSSUS is even more cushioned on the backhand than its proven sister model TITAN and thus makes it possible to "slow down" the ball even more on passive hits with material. Despite the new ABS balls, the opponent's fast strikes can be returned surprisingly short and flat with long pimples and smooth antis, with a very good reversal effect. Even when using short and semi-long studs, the effectiveness of the frame is always noticeable: block and contra balls as well as smashes pull down at any time and make life difficult for opponents.
As with the TITAN, the forehand side is designed to be faster so you can build up a lot of pressure yourself.

As with all Re-Impact production frames, control is still at an excellent level. Especially on the backhand, the long-known excellent ball feel could be further improved.

The faster side is the one with the black "Dr. Neubauer COLOSSUS" logo.
The slower side is the one without the black logo on the handle.

Forehand tempo: 85
Backhand tempo: 65
Control: 100
Bending Strength: 85
Weight: approx. 65 grams

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