Dr.Neubauer Defence Master

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.5
Sale price$33.00 USD


DEFENCE MASTER is our latest development in the pimple-inside area for the defensive game.
The rubber has a very grippy, sticky surface. Thanks to a new type of top rubber, an extremely effective defense with a lot of undercut and high control can be executed even with plastic balls. Even fast and rotational topspins can be returned amazingly easy and flat. Thanks to the excellent control values, a highly effective change of cut can also be produced.
The rubber is particularly suitable as a complement to material such as long, half-long and short pimples or anti-topspin.
DEFENCE MASTER also allows occasional attacking balls by topspin or shot to change the rhythm of play.

Speed: 74
Spin: 110
Control: 96
Hardness: Soft