Dr.Neubauer K.O.Pro

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.3
Sale price$36.00 USD


PRO The new interfering weapon
with half-length bumps.
In addition to our proven half-length pimpled coating Dr.Neubauer K.O., we have now developed a faster version called K.O. PRO. K.O. PRO makes it possible to build up even more pressure when countering and shooting.

At the same time, this new version produces a little more "diving" of the ball than is already the case with the original
This applies to all active strokes, but also to passive block ball. K.O. PRO is therefore a good alternative for players who are satisfied with Knockout but need a little more pace to put the opponent under pressure, without sacrificing the interference effect achieved.

K.O. PRO : The faster alternative for a highly dangerous bump-out game.

Speed: 94
Spin: 84
Control: 92
Hardness: 45º