Dr.Neubauer Magical Touch

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Handle: Penholder
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MAGICAL TOUCH comes with the original Japanese Kiso Hinoki wood as outer plies.
Together with Limba and Ayous wood material this provides formidable control and high accuracy for all active and passive shots.

MAGICAL TOUCH has a natural wood composition (without carbon material) that will enchant you with a highly dynamic ball acceleration and an incredible feeling.
It is also a very interesting alternative for modern pips out or Anti-Spin players who produce a topspin or hitting game on one side and dangerous blocking on the other side.
Discover the magical feeling and high dynamics of Kiso Hinoki!

Category: OFF-
Weight: appr. 82g
Layers: 7
Thickness: 6mm
Dimensions (H x W) 15,7 x 15,3cm