Dr.Neubauer Punch

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Color rubber: Black
Thickness: 1.3
Sale price$33.00 USD


The new all-purpose weapon with long pimples.
PUNCH sets new standards for active and demanding play with long pimples.
It is a real advancement, as the rubber can be used simultaneously very variable and highly effective.

When blocking and especially when chopping at the table with a short, dry movement, the opponent is presented with problems.
However, PUNCH unfolds its full potential in active play:
Especially against undercut, the ball can be accelerated forward almost effortlessly with a loose wrist movement. The flip over the table, e.g. on short push balls or when serving, is also surprisingly easy.
Even empty balls can be countered with a little training.
This makes PUNCH an ideal weapon for blocking or chopping topspins and then immediately putting your opponent under pressure yourself.

Speed: 58
Spin: 88
Control: 83