DVD Die Noppenbibel

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Duration: approx. 50 minutes
Language: German
Another language with subtitles: English
Other languages ​​in the booklet: French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Czech, Chinese, Korean, Japanese

You want to improve your TTR value and play more successful in the championship games?
In this case the Bible of pimples DVD is an absolute must for you.

The DVD is especially suitable for table tennis players who play a long pimple or an anti-top.
Your coach is Sebastian Sauer. He is the most successful German player in the pips game close to the table. Sebastian is a professional player and trainer who teaches you various techniques.
The DVD offers you the opportunity to secure Sebastian as your personal coach at home

You can watch everything step by step and comfortably from the sofa.
In the technically elaborately produced DVD he shows you which techniques you can play with pimples and antitop rubbers.
His playing style cannot be found in any table tennis textbook in the world.
The Bible of pimples consists of the collected experiences of the last 20 years.
You don’t have to make the mistakes Sebastian made as a table tennis player!
The Bible of pimples is your optimal abbreviation for success.

The Bible of pimples gives you the following contents:

different techniques on empty, cutless balls
different techniques on undercut
Block techniques at the table and on the opponent’s topspin
Ball meeting point for topspins, cut balls and block balls
All techniques are shown at close range in super slow motion and from different camera positions. You won’t miss a single detail and you can do everything in the episode.
The DVD is available in 10 different languages so that all players worldwide have access to the knowledge.
The aim of the Bible of pimples is to train you to become a more complete pimples player.
You can watch the DVD anytime, anywhere and prepare yourself perfectly for any table tennis training.

All contents can also be deepened on the table tennis pimple training course under the direction of Sebastian Sauer.
The courses take place all over Germany and partly also in other countries and are specially made for pimples players.

The Bible of pimples can be viewed on the TV as well as on the computer with Windows and MAC operating systems.