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The ultimate DVD about the best
TT player of all time Magical moments The best scenes of the best table tennis player of all time, a double DVD with more than three hours of playing time, plus as bonus serve studies of the virtuoso Jan-Ove Waldner. This is not only table tennis in its highest form, namely art, it is also a piece of sports history. A foray through the history of table tennis, which begins with the student Waldner and accompanies the Swede, who became a legend already in his lifetime, on his unique path of success over 25 years, from 1980 to 2005. This English-language DVD offers fascinating studies of the best ball changes and strokes of the TT genius Waldner, but it also traces his personality a bit: in interviews (mostly in the Swedish original and with English subtitles) and thanks to various close-ups it becomes clear how much feeling lies dormant in the seemingly so cool Sweden. Join us on a journey into the eighties and nineties of table tennis, accompany Jan-Ove Waldner, who has the most incredible punches, and experience the atmosphere of the World and European Championships as well as the Olympic Games - and the fascinating duel between China and Sweden, which shaped world table tennis for almost two decades. The legend is alive - and thanks to this DVD, it will live on forever. A must for every table tennis fan, a wonderful gift, but also an inspiration for anyone who can't really get up for training. If you watch Waldner for a while, you will inevitably feel like playing.
Double DVD
Duration: > 200 min
min. in English