Friendship 729 Presto Speed 42

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.1
Sale price$27.00 USD


The Presto pads are a further development of the Friendship Battle. The Presto Speed is both significantly faster and noticeably more catapult-stronger – the built-in fresh adhesive effect is much stronger. This high tempo is achieved mainly by the very open-pored sponge.

Here at the Presto Speed we offer the variant with a 42 degree hard sponge, which is the softest version. This makes the ball stop also quite soft overall, slightly harder than with the SpinLord Tanuki or Irbis, but softer than with most pads from China.

The upper rubber has quite long inward-facing bumps and is very elastic. However, the grip is somewhat reduced in favour of the pace. It is therefore at the level of many German tensor coverings, comparable to the grip of the SpinLord Irbis or the SpinLord Tanuki. The entire playing behaviour is also comparable to coverings from German production. As a result, this flooring is also in direct competition with the Palio AK47 blue and the already mentioned pads SpinLord Irbis and SpinLord Tanuki from our range. Compared to these, the Presto Speed 42 is significantly faster, but with slightly lower control values and slightly less effet.

We recommend this surface for the dynamic offensive game with fast topspins as the main blow.

Presto Spin and Speed are not distinguished by the sponge, but by the upper rubber, which is thinner at the Presto Speed than with the Presto Spin (= shorter ball contact time and thus even more speed with slightly lower efficiency and control). The Presto Speed 42 is a rather light surface. The quality of the workmanship is comparable to Palio's pads, which is good, but not as good as spinlord's pads.

Speed: 105
Spin: 95
Controle: 85
Hardheid: 42º