Friendship 802-40 Mystery

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 2.2
Sale price$19.00 USD


In this version of the Friendship 802-40, the unchanged upper rubber of the 802-40 (the bumps thus have a conical shape and fluted bump heads) is combined with the Transcend sponge of Friendship.

The hardness of the sponge is given as 38 degrees, but in reality it is about 42 degrees. However, since the sponge of the "normal" 802-40 is also harder than indicated, the ball stop of the 802-40 Mystery is only slightly harder compared to this version.

However, the 802-40 Mystery is noticeably faster and more catapult-stronger than the 802-40, as well as a higher elasticity of the sponge. Overall, the 802-40 Mystery is therefore an interesting alternative for those who want the Friendship 105 Legend too soft, but who want more pace and spin than the other short bumps of Friendship.

Unfortunately, this covering is only available in 2.2 mm.

Speed: 113
Spin: 85
Control: 85
Hardness: 42°

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