Friendship RITC Cross Soft

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.5
Sale price$10.00 USD


This rubber is an inexpensive all-round rubber that is particularly suitable for use in the youth sector or for hobby players.

The top rubber of this surface is the unchanged sticky top rubber of the RITC Friendship 729, but the sponge is somewhat softer and more elastic.

Attention: According to the manufacturer, the sponge hardness on this surface can fluctuate somewhat more strongly, namely between 40 and 45 degrees!

For example, while you can get a sponge with a fairly constant degree of hardness from the RITC Friendship Cross Soft for € 7.90, the even cheaper price of this version is explained by the fact that the quality check is not so strict and the fluctuations can be correspondingly greater (one Selection by us is also not possible with this surface).

However, there is probably no better rubber for this price and if every EUR really matters, which is more common in the youth sector, this rubber is the right choice, because it is soft, very grippy (sticky), and very controlled. And all this with a still good build quality!

Please do not forget that we do not install coverings with a single price of less than € 10.00, i.e. this covering can only be ordered for self-assembly.