Gewo Aruna Kids

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Handle: Straight
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The classic veneer design without synthetic fibers features a handle which is optimized for children's hands and has a slightly smaller blade surface.
This makes GEWO Aruna Kids the perfect companion of young table tennis talents on their way to the top.
Not too fast, a bit lighter than most blades, but still enough power and great control to make sure that our young players won't have to switch blades again at a very early stage when their technique gets better and their strokes are more powerful and faster.

African Champion Relies on GEWO!
Wherever Quadri Aruna is about to compete, spectators around the world know that they will get the most spectacular rallies for their money. The multiple African Cup winner is famous for his powerful forehand topspins and out-of-this-world playing style. No wonder that Aruna first entered the Top20 in the world rankings in 2018 and is now one of the top stars of the table tennis family. As far as his material is concerned, he must definitely be on the safe side, and this is why he has been relying on our GEWO products since the summer of 2019. The close cooperation of our experienced blade experts and top player, Quadri Aruna, resulted in a blade series which meets the highest demands and was especially designed for fans of fine veneers. 100 % Aruna!

Additional product detailse
Speed: 87
Control: 95
Characteristics: Offensiv-
Weight (g): 81
Layers: 5