Gewo Ex-Force PBO-PC Off

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Handle: Anatomic
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GEWO Force Series Dynamics, precision, innovation

The success story continues! It all started in 2011 with Force ARC Off and the story is now contin-ued with the new GEWO Force series. New compositions and materials were combined to meet the requirements of modern high-performance table tennis. The composition of the popular Force ARC Off remains unchanged while the blade’s balance has been adapted to the demands made on state-of-the art table tennis blades.


When it comes to hardness, precision and feeling, our Ex-Force PBO-PC Off blade simply has no equal. Unlike in the In-Force variant, the synthetic fibre of Ex-Force PBO-PC Off is not placed on the core ply but on the fine Limba outer ply which makes this blade a true weapon of offence. Hard topspins and counter-spins come easy thanks to the new PBO-PC fibre, while the special gluing technique gives the whole blade composition all the control you need even if combined with hard rubbers. A perfect combination of spin, feeling and speed for variable, point-winning attacking. Be the dominator with GEWO Ex-Force PBO-PC Off!

Composition: Limba,PBO-Power-Carbon,Limba,Ayous,Limba

Speed: 106
Control: 82
Weight: 86 g

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