Gewo Robot Omega Nexxt

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With the GEWO Omega Nexxt, the latest training technology is finally available at home. It was designed to revolutionize training for every level from beginner to pro. With an innovative and user-friendly control, the Omega Nexxt sets completely new standards in the operation of table tennis robots. The free Power Pong app (available for iOS and Android) opens up completely new possibilities for designing everyday training with the GEWO Omega Nexxt via Bluetooth connection on your own smartphone or tablet (available separately as an option).
Thanks to the 45 pre-saved exercises, both the simplest stroke techniques for beginners and complex moves for advanced players can be trained immediately after the first set-up. For all programmed exercises, there are linked example videos with young professional players in the app, which can be used to analyze the correct technique and the exact course of the exercise in advance. With the unprecedented drag & drop control, the placement of the desired balls can be easily adjusted in seconds. The app automatically calculates the necessary ejection height from the robot head from the desired placement and the set speed and spin. New content is regularly available in the Power Pong app.

- Up to 120 balls per minute
- Up to 8 balls per exercise
- 25 different speed settings
- 169 different spin settings
- Placement, spin, speed and altitude are individually adjustable for each ball
- Balls can be ejected in a random order within an exercise using the random mode.
- The mirror function allows easy switching between left and right-handed users.
- With IFC (Individual Frequency Control), the timing between each ball of a drill is in your hands.
- Easily create exercises in the app.
- Share self-created exercises with friends, coaches or students.
- Organize exercises with names, tags and integrated search function to keep track of hundreds of exercises.
- Sample function for testing adjusted balls
- Storage space for an almost unlimited number of exercises (depending on the device used)
- 45 pre-programmed exercises
- Interval training with fixed play and break times
- The grouping function allows you to line up saved exercises.

- Height-adjustable ejection head to simulate different game situations
- Suitable/recommended for tables with a thickness from 9mm up to 25mm
- Incl. remote control to start/stop the robot and adjust the ball ejection speed
- Incl. ball stop net.