Joola CWX

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: OX
Sale price$42.00 USD


In order to be successful as a defensive player today, it is extremely important to continuously develop all components of the game. With only the classic defense from 2nd / 3rd position it is increasingly difficult to achieve results. Much more, the defensive player must be able to act variably. In addition, studs are required which makes such a game system possible. Our goal was and with the help of our long-term partner Chen Weixing, to develop a long studded rubber that makes modern defending possible in all facets. The outcome of this is the JOOLA CWX. The pink colored underlay (50?) With built-in Tensor Technology offers enormous dynamics for caps played far from the table, but due to its hard underlay and flat flight path it is also particularly suitable for controlled disturbances close to the table. The grippy stud heads structure and the flexibility of the narrow studs allow an extremely effective defense with high control.

Speed: 66
Disturbing effect: 89
Control: 91
Hardness: 50 °

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