Joola Nobilis PBO-c

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Handle: Flared
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Only the noblest and highest quality materials have been used for this frame. Design and excellent processing quality down to the smallest detail speak for themselves. The special feature of the JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c is the structure of the different layers. The PBO-c layers are located directly on the Kiri core layer. The 1.2mm thick, hard Hinoki top layer gives the frame an extended ball contact time in addition to the traditionally good playing feel and makes it possible to produce extreme spin balls with a higher flight path. This construction gives the frame even stability and elasticity for a lot of punching power and allows precise playing at a higher tempo.
The collaboration of the different components makes the JOOLA Nobilis PBO-c an offensive frame which is more than just fast: balanced, spin sensitive, precise with feeling.

Pace: 98
Control: 91
Flexural strength: 96
Weight: approx. 87 grams

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