Joola Tezzo Paladin

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Handle: Straight
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The name "TEZZO" originated in Japanese and is a short form of "tezawari", which translated means "to feel pleasant". A good feel should be the most important feature of the new frame series. When developing the frames, it was not about maximum speed, but about making every type of player feel comfortable immediately.

For this purpose, we examined the world's most popular "classic" offensive frames in the amateur sector and selected four special veneer textures. All frames have a Limba outer veneer, which is generally a bit quieter than other outer veneers and therefore more forgiving. The TEZZO frames are all "easy-to-play". This concept was so well received by our contract players that several national players (including Vitor Ishiy and Deni Kozul) have already chosen TEZZO. This shows that the frames are equally suitable for both amateur players and professionals.

Although this entry-level carbon model plays like a solid wood frame with noticeable vibrations, it has a powerful core thanks to the inner soft carbon layer (3K-sc). Compared to the usual synthetic fibre/carbon layers, 3K-sc behaves very flexibly and gives the player strong ball feedback at all times.

The Tezzo Paladin is perfect for spin-oriented offensive players who want to gain points through rotation.
Weight: approx. 85 grams.