KTL Rapid Soft

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Color rubber: red
Thickness: 1.8
Sale price$13.00 USD


The Rapid Soft is a soft, very elastic and slightly sticky all-round covering with very high control values. However, with a hardness of approx. 38 degrees, it is soft, but still harder than some defensive surface. Due to its greater dynamics, however, it can be used much better from the half-distance. This distinguishes this coating not only from the even higher elasticity but also from the KTL Pro XT. The Rapid Soft is an excellent covering for a European style of play and also convinces by its very low dead weight. It is playfully suitable for block balls and topspins as well as for poisonous undercut balls. This flooring is suitable for players of all game classes, and is especially recommended by us for the youth area.

Attention: This flooring has been renamed KTL Rapid Soft by LKT Rapid Soft. However, the flooring is still 100% the same.

Speed: 89
Spin: 93
Control: 89
Hardness: 34º-36º