Lion Aratron All+

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Handle: Straight
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The Lion Aratron All+ is not an ordinary all-round frame, it is an all-round frame especially for "material players". In our opinion, this frame is especially interesting for playing at the long pimple or anti table, as it can take a lot of speed out of play with passive block balls. Compared to conventional all-round frames, the clubface is slightly larger (approx. 159 x 152 mm) and therefore slightly more elastic. The ball contact feels quite soft, although the hard koto is used as the outer veneer. Basalt fiber inserts under the outer veneer provide stability and control. Limba is used as an intermediate veneer, the core veneer is made of the synthetic fiber "Aratox" covered with 2 veneers from Awan. This wood consists of a total of 9 (8+1) veneers with a total thickness of only approx. 5.0 mm.

The handles are made of solid Hinoki and have a length of approx. 10.1 cm. They are normal in size. The weight distribution is quite top-heavy, although this frame is very light at only approx. 80 g in total.

Speed: 75
Bending strength: 85
Weight: 80 grams