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The Lion Aratron Defensive is a new defense frame from Lion with "Aratox" as the core veneer. These are loose strands of a soft synthetic fiber that are inserted between the surrounding Awan veneer. The result is a very light (weight only approx. 78 g), yet stable defense frame with a slightly larger striking surface (approx. 162 x 155 mm). The somewhat harder outer veneer from Koto, in combination with the right rubbers, ensures maximum rotation. Between the Awan veneer and the outer veneer are 2 intermediate veneers from Limba. This wood is therefore a construction with 7 (6+1) veneers (wood with only one plastic insert is a rarity). The total thickness of all veneers is only approx. 4.9 mm. The handles have a length of approx. 10.1 cm and are of normal size, the handle scales are made of solid Hinoki.
This frame can be combined well with long studs or anti on the backhand side. It is suitable for both a disruptive game close to the table and a backspin defense at a distance.

Bending Strength:80
Weight: approx. 78 grams

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